Posted on behalf of David Gerry (Host of the Living With FASD Summits)

A stark question from our 28 year old daughter with FASD: What’s going to happen to me when you die

I wanted to connect with you to get your opinion on a situation I experienced in September this year. When asked by the facilitator of a webinar on September 9th (FASD Awareness Day), “What is your greatest fear for the future?” our 28 year old daughter bluntly answered, “What will happen to me when my parents die?”

That simple statement brought to the forefront an ongoing concern that’s been nagging me over the past several years. I assume this concerns many other families, too. As you may be aware, when it comes to solving the long term living requirements our family member with FASD will face (after you pass), there can be many challenges.

In order to find solutions to this issue, I would first like to start by finding out more from parents the scope of the problem, what you have tried and what solutions you have found. I would really appreciate your experience, opinions, and insights so am hoping you are willing to fill out the following 5-10 minute survey here:

For those of you interested in my findings, I will be offering a free training to highlight the top 3 challenges, leave me your name and email in the last two optional text boxes of the survey.

Thanks in advance for your precious time,

David Gerry