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What is the purpose of this training? 

Developed by Health Nexus and funded by the Government of Ontario, this training offers service providers from multiple sectors (healthcare and public health, childcare and education, mental health and addictions, justice and corrections, community-based work, etc.) with FASD-informed strategies to support individuals with FASD and their families

Who should take this training?

If you are working in a ‘helping profession’, this training is for you. The overall goal of this broad, cross-sectoral training is to help participants be able to identify people who may be experiencing the impact of prenatal alcohol exposure and to be better positioned to support individuals with (or possible) FASD and their families.  

Why should I take this training? 

Many Canadians are living with FASD. The estimated prevalence in the scientific literature is 4%, though many individuals are undiagnosed or misdiagnosed with other disordersIt is likely that you are already supporting clients, patients, students, or loved ones with FASD. 

How long is the training and what it is about? 

This training is comprised of four 60-minute modules, each addressing pressing needs such as gaps in knowledge, misdiagnosis, the relevance of evidence-based intervention practices, nurturing hope among individuals, caregivers, and professionals while shifting everyday practice to an FASD-informed approach.  

  1. Why Should We Be Concerned 
  2.  The Costs of Misdiagnosis 
  3.  Trauma and Resilience 
  4. Opportunities for Success 

The training features narrated slides, interactive activities, reflective questions, videos and quizzes to help participants from diverse sectors, areas and backgrounds find the training meaningful, memorable and applicable to their day-to-day practice

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