Indigenous FASD / Child Nutrition Program (Algoma)

Organization: Maamwesying North Shore Community Health Services
Location: 473B, Highway 17 West, Cutler, ON P0R 1B0
Phone: 1-844-864-0523
Email: [email protected]

Description: The FASD program provides each community with FASD resources. The clinic offers FASD diagnostic services. Recommendations can be made anonymously as long as there is confirmation that the mother exposed the fetus to alcohol during pregnancy, or can be made by a health / social professional or by self-referral on the patient. Health Science Nord-Sudbury website. Referrals made to the FASD diagnostic clinic and adult assessment will benefit from a referral to system services throughout the diagnostic process, i.e. before the person and their family transition to the worker. or community worker and long-term after diagnosis. Also offered are presentations on FASD and a traditional Aboriginal parenting program for families affected by FASD.


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