A comprehensive online course designed to promote and educate practitioners on multidisciplinary team processes for comprehensive FASD Assessment

What is the FASD ONE Assessment Team Training?

This comprehensive collection of assessment information focusses on operationalizing the multidisciplinary team approach as recommended by the Canadian Guidelines for Diagnosis. The material has been compiled by a number of experienced FASD assessment clinicians and many individuals with FASD and family members who experience the impact every day. This training has been reviewed and supported by members of the FASD Ontario Network of Expertise.

Once we have received your registration, and it has been approved, you will be invited to participate in the course through a web based platform called Rise.com. You will have six weeks to complete the course by working through four modules that will consist of different learning modalities (text, graphics, videos, and audio) as well as occasional quizzes to ensure material understanding and retention.

The overall goal of this training is to discover how we can put the Canadian Guidelines for FASD Diagnosis Across the Lifespan into action, and to enhance our existing assessment services to be more inclusive of the many in need.

The course consists of 4 Online Modules that YOUR OWN TIME through the rise.com platform. You will have 8 weeks to finish the course and earn a Certificate of Completion.

The first cohort of participants will begin on July 4th, 2022 and will have until September 5th, 2022.

Course Creation and Contributions

We would like to honour the individuals, families, support people and advocates who came before us.

People have been working tirelessly for many years without much recognition or understanding from others, i.e. their family doctors, other service providers, school staff, family members and community etc. regarding the unique and very complicated circumstances that are a part of their everyday lives.

They are the reason the government has made these recent investments and we want to take a minute to share and stress that the individuals and families who are affected by PAE/FASD are our most important and meaningful teachers.

Contributors to the course through professional expertise or vital lived experience:

  • Dr. Claire Mitchell
  • Angela Geddes
  • Dr. Louise Scott
  • Janet Carioni
  • Dr. Kimberly Harris
  • Mohamed (Mo) Oshalla
  • Tanya
  • Tracy Grant
  • Ashley Rovert
  • Darlene Durand
  • Reinier de Smit
  • Shannon

We acknowledge FASD ONE for their ongoing commitment to raising awareness and building system capacity aimed to improve outcomes for people affected by PAE/FASD.


This course is FREE and available to practitioners who are looking to gain knowledge in FASD Assessments.

Please complete the registration form HERE by July 3rd, 2022. Space is limited, so please register early to secure your place.

Please email Janice Balfour with any questions [email protected].