We are currently recruiting participants to be part of a preliminary pilot study to adapt an intervention called Nonviolent Resistance for parents of youth with FASD who display aggression towards themselves or family members. Participating parents will be required to attend weekly individual sessions and at times group sessions for 13 consecutive weeks. As part of the study, they will participate in an interview (about 60 min.) and answer questionnaires before and after the intervention (about 30 min.).

Are you eligible?

  • Are you an adoptive parent?
  • If you have a partner, does this person want to participate as well?
  • Is your child between 12 and 19 years old?
  • Does your child have a formal FASD diagnosis?
  • Does your child display aggression towards family members or themselves?
  • Would you like to contribute in adapting this evidence-based intervention for FASD?

If you are interested in participating and have any questions regarding this study, please contact us by October 20, 2021.

Contact information:
Maude Champagne, RSW, MSW, PhD Student
Center for Neuroscience studies

50$ gift card will be given as compensation for participating families.