Understanding Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD)-A Comprehensive Guide for Pre K-8 Educators

Organization: Duke University Medical Center
Description: The guide is designed for every educator (e.g., teachers, special education teachers, resource specialists, speech and language specialists, school nurses, psychologists, and occupational therapists) who works with pre K-8 elementary and middle school level students. The guide addresses the impact of prenatal exposure to alcohol and how it affects the pre K-8 grade student. Specific strategies are presented to address behavior in the classroom as well as learning issues, especially in math and reading. Many educators believe they do not have students in their classes who have FASD, and they may even wonder why this guide would be useful in their own teaching and classroom management. Given the high incidence of children (2-5%) in North America with FASD, they are likely present in every classroom. A full day symposium for educators of children with FASD can be viewed at: https://sites.duke.edu/fasd/symposium-for-educators/


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