The DiG FASD study is an ongoing clinical and genetic research study at the Indiana University School of Medicine. They are working towards better understanding what makes each person with FASD unique, and how genetics may play a role in the effects of prenatal alcohol exposure. It is their hope that the information they learn through this study will lead to improved interventions and treatments in the future for people with FASD.

The most important part of the study is the people who participate! They are looking to enroll over 2,000 people.

The study can be completed entirely from home, so they encourage anyone, anywhere in the world to join. Anyone with an FASD or prenatal alcohol exposure is eligible, including children and adults of any age. Once a person agrees to participate, they will be asked to fill out some online forms, take pictures of their face, and provide a saliva sample for DNA. Some participants will also be invited to complete an online cognitive test. All information shared with them is kept secure and confidential. As an added thank you, anyone who participates can earn up to $60 for helping them.

You can complete the study here: