Surrey Place is supporting organizations initiating FASD diagnostic services and clinics.

Services Provided

  • Plan and implement diagnostic clinic
  • Problem-solve obstacles for existing clinics
  • Suggest and select appropriate diagnostic tools
  • Assist in setting up a virtual platform for assessment
  • Offer time-limited clinic coordination
  • Support the development of an effective intake process
  • Help to overcome the complex challenges of obtaining clients’ birth history including the history of prenatal alcohol exposure (PAE)

Why choose Surrey Place?

  • 50+ Years of Service
  • FASD Diagnostic Clinic since 2007
  • Trusted mentor of FASD clinics across Canada
  • Involved in FASD research
  • Multi-disciplinary team
  • Accreditation Canada standing
  • Launched the first FASD
  • Diagnostic Clinics for adults in Ontario

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