Health Nexus is pleased to present two of the FASD groups funded this cycle!

The first one is a new virtual provincial group for senior caregivers of adult children with FASD or suspected FASD launching this Fall. This group has been organized by Elspeth Ross, Barbara Sabourin and Nancy Lockwood. Monthly meetings will be led by Clinical Social Worker Angela Geddes and co-facilitated by FASD Consultant/Educator Nancy Lockwood.

This group was created in recognition of the fact that senior caregivers face many unique challenges, including worries about the future of our loved ones and a lack of resources and support from people who understand the complexities of FASD across the lifespan. Most senior caregivers raised children with little or no FASD-informed services or support and have learned to be very creative in finding ways to assist their loved ones. These seven monthly meetings will offer opportunities for facilitated discussion, peer mentoring, friendship building, and sharing of outside-the-box ideas. The organizers will collect ideas and provincial resources from the group to assist in development of a resource guide for senior caregivers in Ontario.

There is no cost to join, however, spaces are limited and pre-registration is required at Please note there are no age requirements to join the group: it is for anyone who identifies as a senior and has an adult child with FASD or suspected FASD.

Feel free to email questions at


The second one is Equine Assisted Mindfulness Training, which is highly beneficial to children with (possible) FASD diagnosis struggling with ADHD, anger issues, anxiety, sleep problems, and more will take place on six Saturdays between October 2 and November 6, 2021.

Applications to register end on September 24, 2021. If you’re interested, email